Calibration of Antennae


Calibrating Horn Antenna

Calibrating Biconical Antenna




BNNSPEAG is equipped to calibrate all types of EMC Antenna’s used in radiated emission or susceptibility testing. Antennas are calibrated for parameters such as Antenna Factor, Return Loss and Symmetry, in accordance with the relevant EMC standards:

ANSI C 63.5
CISPR 16-1-4
CISPR 16-1-6

(a) ANSI C 63.5

(b) CISPR 16-1-4

(c) CISPR 16-1-6

(d) SAE ARP 958 D/E

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The OATS at BNNSPEAG has been specially designed with a ground plane of 30m x 20m, and has a flatness of less than 10mm. It has a calibrated NSA of better than ± 2 dB in the required calibration geometry. The OATS location has been carefully chosen to be away from environmental radio noise sources. 

Types of Antennae Calibrated

The types of antennas that can be calibrated are:

(a) Monopole

(b) Loop Antennas

(c) Biconical

(d) Log Periodic Dipole Array

(e) Bicon-log / Hybrid

(e) Horn Antennas

Test Setups

Calibrations are performed in standardized test setups such as:

(a) Helmholtz Coil for Loop Antennae (100 Hz – 20 KHz)

(b) TEM Cell for Loop Antennae (9 KHz – 30 MHz).

(c) Equivalent Capacitance Substitution Method (ECSM) for  Monopole Antennae (9 KHz – 30 MHz)

(d) Open area test site (OATS) for Biconical, LPDA, Hybrid and Horn Antennae(30 MHz – 18 GHz)


Measurement standards are traceable to ISO/IEC 17025.