RF Calibration

Calibration of Spectrum Analyser


BNN undertakes calibration (both on site and at its permanent facility) of several types of RF equipment as listed below:-

(a) Receivers and scanners

(b) Spectrum Analysers

(c) Shield Boxes

(d) BTS simulators

(e) Signal Generators

(f) Mobile Phones

(g) Power Sensors/Meters


Verify Calibration Certificate


Calibration (both on site and at its permanent facility) of spectrum analyzers, multiband scanners / receivers, test mobiles phones for frequency (Hz), attenuation (dB) and power level (dBm).

BNN has been accorded 17025 accreditation for "Frequency", "Power" and "Attenuation" parameters by NABL

NABL Scope and Certificate


The calibration is undertaken with a turn around time of one day per instrument with prior appointment and three working days otherwise.